tour of your dreams.

Each tour is custom-designed to match the performing group's interests, budget, dates, and venue preferences. We spend time with you, listening carefully to your expectations so that we can create the tour of your dreams. From destination selection, host groups, length of the trip, meals, guides, and hotel styles, the tours we create are based on your preferences.

At American Expeditions, our team of experts work with you each step of the way to create the perfect tour, reflecting the wishes of your group.


A full-time American Expeditions staff member accompanies the majority of our trips. In most cases your tour manager has also coordinated your tour. This sets us apart from all other group tour operators.

Our tour managers are experienced travelers who know the regions your group will visit intimately. They are experts in anticipating the needs of travelers and for catering to the interests of a large diverse group of travelers away from home.


American Expeditions uses only three and four-star hotels with amenity spaces that will make everyone feel comfortable and well-rested while on tour. We are also happy to offer alternate types of accommodations, such as university dorms or youth hostels, depending on your group's needs.

Based on the schedule of your touring days, we work with you to book stays in the heart of the city or in countryside hotels, striving to match your group with the perfect hotel style and setting.


A delicious way to start to discover the unique culture of a region is by enjoying the local cuisine. It is an important part of our work to make recommendations for excellent restaurants where you group can sit down and experience the flavors of the country.

Whether it is a delicious meal of bratwurst and sauerkraut in Munich, paella in Barcelona, or a five-course Italian feast on the Adriatic Coast of Italy, American Expeditions will make your meals a memorable experience that enhances your immersion in a different culture.


We take special care in selecting motor coaches, since many ensembles travel over long distances while on tour. Our motor coaches are always modern with full amenities, such as:

- Large panoramic windows
- PA System
- Climate controlled A/C and heating systems
- Overhead storage
- Reclining seats
- Luggage capacity

The friendly welcome of a driver and a helpful hand is always appreciated. All drivers are professional and courteous. We ensure that your group's driver will positively impact your tour.


In addition to your full-time American Expeditions Tour Manager, an expert local guide conducts tours along the way. Guided tours are customized to reflect your group's special interests and include any additional sights you request.

For example, you may want the local guide to focus on the history of Mozart's years in Vienna, or geology of the alps or the history of art in Florence. We will design the guided city tours to match your group's interests.

Local guides are a great source of information about the customs, education systems and government structures in the area. They are always willing to elaborate on questions about what life is like for local citizens. These guided tours go beyond sight-seeing, and offer you a deeper understanding of a new culture by taking you into the lives of the locals.

American Expeditions prides itself on the seamless execution of your tour, from the initial vision, during the months of planning, and all the way through to your daily experiences while traveling. Our tour managers greet your group at the airport, stay in the same hotels, and see your group off when it is time to return home. For you, this means peace of mind during the planning process and while on tour.


We emphasize cultural exchanges through travel - bringing together people from around the world through their common interest in sport, music, art, education... Groups share experiences and break down boundaries between cultures.

Our tours are not just about seeing new places, they are about immersions in a different culture and appreciative exchanges with people from around the globe. Traveling with American Expeditions means that you will meet local people, gain an understanding of their culture, and connect through your shared interests.