SEE THE WORLD THROUGH dragon boating

Adventure.  Friendships.  Paddling.  Fun.

Joy Boat.  Say it five times fast.  You’re smiling, right?  That’s the whole idea behind Joy Boat.  The more we smile, the richer our lives.  Joy Boat is the brainchild of John and Linda Dyer.  They are passionate about both Travel and Dragon Boating.  When the two are combined, Friendships and Adventure are the natural by-products.

The Joy Boat Travel Team will schedule up to two exciting trips per year.  All will be to fantastic travel destinations.  All will feature participation in a top notch Dragon Boat Festival or famous paddling event. Each trip will include exciting optional extension opportunities such as sightseeing, hiking or bicycle tours.

John and Linda are highly experienced coaches and paddlers.  They founded Dragonheart Vermont in 2004. The organization grew to more than 200 members and supports ten competitive crews.  Over the past three racing cycles, Dragonheart Vermont crews have won fifteen U.S. National Championships and six medals at the IDBF Club Crew World Championships.  More than twenty Dragonhearters have earned a position on Team USA.  John and Linda have also served as Team USA Coaches in the Sr. C Division. They help manage and coach Jim Farintosh’s annual Space Coast/Bow Wave Training Camp in Melbourne, FL, where up to 500 passionate paddlers come to train each year. 

Join in the fun.  All are welcome. The Joy Boat travel team family of paddlers will share some exciting times and wonderful memories in the years to come.  The travel crews will be comprised of paddlers from all over North America.  Depending on who signs up, we could race as a mixed, women’s, or BCS crew—or all three.  The only prerequisite is a positive attitude.

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czech republic

May 6-14, 2024

Click here for more details. Details will be added when available from Race Organizers.